Presently, PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma) can be used not only for the ‘vampire facelift’ or for ‘vampire breast lift’ but also for other, more intimate areas such as vaginal (vulvar) rejuvenation. The blood is taken from the patient (usually their arm) and is spun through a centrifuge machine to separate out plasma containing a high concentration of platelets – at least four to eight times normal levels. This PRP is rich in growth factors, naturally occurring substances that stimulate cell growth and proliferation, and thereby promote tissue regeneration. The point of this treatment is that when you inject platelets into one place, it regenerates the area that is injected. In the vagina, the skin becomes thicker and firmer, giving it a glow and making it look much more youthful. You also increase vascularisation into the area, which in turn means sensitivity is dramatically increased. In addition, the newly plumped skin of the vaginal wall provides a supporting structure for the urethra, making PRP an effective treatment for sexual disturbance and even urinary incontinence.